Monday, October 3, 2011

Marla Hooch and An Easy At-Home Science Activity

I was excitedly waiting for the start of Ken Burns’s Prohibition on PBS and the mini-series started last night.  It was as good as expected and I’m really looking forward to watching again tonight.  Talking with a friend (or rather cracking ourselves up making comments during the show) on facebook last night made me think I should of had a watch party for the series.  I own my nerdness and I’m not ashamed to say I would have a watch party for a PBS show.  I noticed something odd last night in one of the pictures from the early 1900s.  I’ve written about Marla Hooch before and still she seems to creep up from time to time years after A League of Their Own was in movie theaters.  See if you agree:

Over the years, because of my experience in informal education, I get questions from friends about fun hands-on activities they can do at home with their kids.  I answered another question about this several weeks ago and decided I should add something to my blog.  After I thought that, I promptly forgot again until now!  So, I will start including an activity every Monday.  You can do these activities with your kids or while drinking with friends.  

Spooky Attractions

Hot glue a magnet to your spider confetti and put on top of your cardboard.  You can now make it move on your cardboard using a magnet hidden underneath the cardboard.  This works because the opposite poles of the two magnets attract.  

I realize this is not the best video quality, but you get the idea.  You might also notice that you can hear my birds chirping in the background and that my idiot dog Harpo runs head first into the file cabinet.  As I've mentioned before, Harpo is not the brightest bulb in the box.

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