Tuesday, October 18, 2011

“True” History Tuesday – Stretch Armstrong and Blog History Award

“True” history Tuesday scholars have uncovered information proving Stretch Armstrong was, in fact, a real person.  Armstrong lived in Oslo, Norway in the early 19th century.  His real name was Clive Armstrongonium.  From the moment he was born, his parents knew he was not your typical child.  Within months of his birth, he was able to reach across his room to his favorite teddy bear.  By the time he was one, he could wrap his arms around his body four times.  His parents were not embarrassed by his condition and would actually have friends over and encourage them to pull on Clive’s limbs and let their kids jump rope around his torso.  Clive loved the attention.  He was very popular around Halloween because he could easily scare people by tapping on their shoulder while he hid two rooms away in a closet.  When Armstrongonium grew up he became a world class wrestler.  He even walked around in his little black Speedo when he wasn’t wrestling.  People thought the 24/7 Speedo wearing was a bit strange, but never found it strange that he could stretch his arm all the way to row 9 from inside the wrestling rink.  Sadly, Clive died in 1941 from an overstretching wrestling incident.  Although distraught, spectators marveled at the red goo that oozed out of Armstrongonium’s wounds.  His legacy was further remembered in the seventies when he was immortalized in a stretchable doll.  Makers decided another name was more suitable.  The doll was called Stretch Armstrong.

“True” History Tuesday has some exciting news!!!  We won an award for blogging in 1927.  You’ll notice a new picture on the right side of the screen.  We are pleased to display the Blogshit Award!  We want to thank our parents, our readers and Jesus Christ!!!

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