Sunday, October 9, 2011

Overreacting, IKEA, Oops There’s a Gay Pride Parade and Egypt: What Lies Beneath

I decided to post this as a pre-Halloween treat.  This is the Michael Myers of turkeys, but the woman's reaction is so over the top.  I found it really funny.

Tiffany and I drove to Atlanta yesterday.  We meet a friend at Buffalo Wild Wings to watch the OU vs. Texas game.  That seems odd, I realize, but she was from Oklahoma and had just moved to Atlanta.  It seemed right that we meet up to watch the game.  Good times. Today we decided to go to IKEA.  We always end up getting a bunch of shit there we don’t need.  It is fun to walk through their complete room displays.  Sometimes I move things around just because you can.   I did find two wine glasses that I wanted.  I gingerly placed them in the cart in a new salad bowl I picked out and then I added further support by flanking the bowl with new couch pillows we were buying.  I tend to break things so I wanted to be careful.  The pillows were a big move, too.  The dogs have a bad habit of chewing up couch pillows.  We finally bought these pillows that are ridiculously heavy at Target.  I’m certain they are filled with wood. The dogs had no interest in chewing them up, but Harpo really likes the extra weight to grab onto if he gets an urge to hump something.  We can’t win.  The dogs are older now and not so prone to chew and Harpo is slowing down on the humping problem so...we decided to try new pillows.

When we got to the self check-out, we were extra careful with the wine glasses.  Same as we rolled the cart to the car.  I find the perfect place in the trunk for the salad bowl and wine glasses.  I went in a little heavy with the salad bowl, I was getting cocky I suppose, and dropped it just centimeters before I sat it down…this mishap caused one of the glasses to break.  When we got home, Tiffany went inside to let the dogs out while I unloaded the car.  I took everything out of the car and sat it on the porch.  It was just easier to unload things in stages.  Tiffany took Cujo outside as I was taking the first load of stuff inside.  She came back in holding one of the new couch pillows like it was a dead raccoon.  Apparently, Cujo ran up to one of the pillows and hiked his leg and peed on it.   We just can’t have nice things.

Before we left Atlanta, we ate at Uncle Julio's.  As we were leaving to get back on the highway, we noticed all these rainbow flags.  We could tell immediately it was a parade.  Unbeknownst, to us we had stumbled upon Atlanta’s Gay Pride Parade.  We were able to watch the parade and still make it back to Birmingham in time for a nap.   We have another friend who is an archeologist.  We will be attending a watch party tonight because she is featured in Egypt:  WhatLies Beneath airing on the Discovery Channel.  You should totally watch it.  I will have a quiz tomorrow.  All and all this has been a great weekend.  I did take some pictures at IKEA.

I wonder if anyone ever thinks that is a real working toilet in this room display?  I thought about that for awhile.

I wanted to find some new outdoor chairs.  I sat in this chair and then had a really hard time getting out of it.  I had to sway back and forth to work up enough momentum to grab Tiffany's arm and get myself upright again. I decided against this chair.

This was in the baby section.  It was a bunch of stuffed mice.  It was really hard for me not to buy one.

There was absolutely  no racial mixing in this doll display.  I thought that was both weird and sad.  I desegregated the display while Tiffany just stared at me.

You can buy stuffed carrots and broccoli at IKEA.  This seems counter productive to getting your children to eat more vegetables.

I imagined some pervert buying this.  I thought about that for awhile.

This is Tiffany.  Just a few minutes before that she told me to stop wasting all our time taking pictures.  She then went through the bedding and touched everything like five times.  We were in that section of the store for seven years.

Here are our pillows.  Still looking nice and new.  The wine glasses are safely secured under the pillows.

This is a new blanket I got today at IKEA.  I decided to get it out to write my blog.  That is Saphie about to chew on the new blanket.  I yelled at her to stop.

This is a few minutes later.  Saphie has left the blanket and now Celie is chewing on the new blanket.  Did I mention we can't have anything nice?

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