Thursday, October 6, 2011

Steve Jobs

have an Android phone and I’m typing this right now on a PC, but this in no way is indicative of the lack of influence Steve Jobs’ genius had on my life.  When I was a kid computers were this huge monstrosity.  Eventually, they were sized down for personal use, but who the hell ever understood MS-DOS?  I was lucky enough to learn how to use a computer on a used Macintosh 512K.  It was “sleek” at the time, had very little memory and it made total sense to the computer user.  I eventually got a used Macintosh SE in the mid 1990’s. The first new computer I ever purchased was the Macintosh LC 500 Series.  I was super proud of that purchase.  Eventually, I switched to a PC based on software options.  Jobs had been long gone from Apple and the revolutionary feel of the company had waned.  That revolutionary feeling returned when he rejoined the company and introduced the iPod, iPhone and iPad.  His genius will be missed. 

If I remember correctly the keyboard was actually heaver than the computer.  

I was so happy to get a new computer I bought a black lacquered desk and chair set.  I even bought a red pillow with black polka dots.  It was the 1990s...don't judge.

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