Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Walking Dead Sunday Goals

I basically have five goals today:  make and serve nice breakfast for my partner when she gets off work, sweep and mop floors, clean out my car, clean out the turtle aquarium and watch Walking Dead season 2 premiere tonight.  I made a ham and cheese pie plus Bloody Marys this morning.  Tiffany loved it and I hope it will help her get through her next two days of work.  I take being a good housewife seriously at least some of the time.  Check that goal off the list.  Next, I finished sweeping and mopping the floors.  I easily accomplished this with a Bloody Mary in my hand. Finishing this goal early should give the dogs plenty of time to shed and mess the floors up again before I get to goal #5.  Check that off the list. 

I just filled up a Rubbermaid tub with water and took the turtles out of their aquarium in the basement.  I think real sunshine is good from them.  When we got the turtles or I should say I got the turtles because Tiffany didn’t want them at all, they were tiny.  They are reaching the size of dessert plates now.  They will eventually grow big enough for me to sit on top of one of them while I dust the furniture.  I’m thinking that will make the process a little slower, but more thorough and easier on me.  This keeps me feeding them. Soon I will begin the aquarium cleaning process.  This is about as fun as getting your annual pelvic exam…only not as awkward.  Can’t check that off the list yet.  Once I finish that and take several Blood Mary breaks, I will move to the car cleaning.  I have several experiments I did with the after school kids piled up in my car.  At this point some of them may be toxic.  I’m thinking I will put on a Hazmat safety suit on to do the cleaning.  That will be really disturbing for the neighbors yet fun for me.  Take additional Bloody Mary break.

Before Tiffany gets up, I’ll make dinner – not on the list, but necessary.  While I’m making dinner, I’ll probably have another Bloody Mary.  Those are healthy, you know.  And then it will be time for The Walking Dead!!  I feel confident I will check all the things off today’s goal list.  Checking things off my list makes me happy and earns me an additional Bloody Mary.

How much does it drive you crazy when you go to McDonalds and that fake voice comes on asking if you want an iced carmel latte?  I found this picture yesterday.  Made me laugh.

Lastly, I watched the Oklahoma vs. Kansas game last night.  During the halftime report, I noticed one of the anchor's hands.  These are easily the hairiest hands ever.  And last lastly,  does typing Bloody Mary in your blog count the same as saying it three times in a row?  I'm going to worry about this now. 

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