Sunday, November 6, 2011

Damn Bird

I think the True Blood party last night was a success.  We had tons of food.  I’m actually surprised the dining room table held up all the food.  There was easily 800 ounces of cream cheese on the table in the appetizers.  I’m still not over Alabama losing to LSU, but I’ll eat some leftover cream cheese appetizers and try to cope.

I was vampire Elvis and Tiffany was a werewolf.

I love animals, but there is this little bird who lives near my bedroom window that I’m going to violently murder.  This bird is an active little shit, especially at the crack of dawn.  This morning,  I think the bird was doing a Sammy Davis tap dance routine with its tiny feet.  The damn thing will also start chirping.  Some mornings it sounds like the bird is dragging sticks along the gutter.  I keep thinking it will fly south and then I remember we are south.  He’s an asshole and this is going to come to a head.

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