Saturday, November 26, 2011

New Amyisms and Post Thanksgiving Exercise Plan

Thanksgiving yielded some new Amyisms.  I also got a delightful quote from my mother while watching a Lifetime movie with her.  A deranged psycho, who had maneuvered his way into an innocent family’s life, was killing the new girlfriend’s ex-husband.  The murder included a broken vase from Tiffany’s upside his head, full-on stabbing and very dramatic music. As we watched this, my mom looked at me and said of the man stabbing the other man, “I think he might be a murderer.”  That seemed like a fair deduction.

Faucet – Facup

Breakfast – Breffust

Calcium – Calsum

The Thanksgiving eating binge needs to be over for me.  I need to eat healthier foods and  commit to more exercise.  I have to get in fighting shape for the upcoming Christmas eating binge.  This video helped put me in the mindset of making the most of my treadmill experience.  This lady is awfully graceful.  My treadmill dance moves aren’t going to really measure up to her moves, but I will bring the funk and I will bring the jive to my workouts.

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