Saturday, November 5, 2011

True Blood Drink Recipes

Tonight we are having a True Blood Party that will include watching the Alabama vs. LSU game.  Watching football dressed up as vampires and werewolves seems totally reasonable.  A True Blood party would not be complete without some Tru Blood bottles.  The premise of the Sookie Stackhouse books and the True Blood HBO show based on them, is that vampires have “come out of the coffin.”  The Japanese invented a synthetic replacement for blood.  Vampires can now drink this blood replacement called Tru Blood and survive without feasting on humans.  As a result, vamps went public or “came out of the coffin.”  Other supernaturals exist, but are still in hiding.  Anyway, if you haven’t read the books or watched the show you should…it is pretty good stuff. 

So back to my party, I wanted to have bottles of “Tru Blood” on hand.  You can order them online, but they are fairly expensive.  I decided to go a cheaper route and do them myself.   I took some pictures and included the recipes I used to fill the bottles.  For reference, the first picture is what the bottles look like on the show.

The "real" Tru Blood drink.  

I bought I case of Country Breeze Sweet Tea at Sam's.  The bottles aren't exact, but they are plastic and the labels looked easy to remove.

Speaking of removing the labels, that was the first thing that I did.  For whatever reason, the labels are harder to get off if you've removed the liquid and wash them first.  I learned this from years of science related projects with bottles.  So...remove labels first!

Then pour out the tea.  You can put it in a pitcher or drink it all at once and go on a caffeine induced cleaning spree.  I'm not a big sweet tea fan unless it is sweet tea vodka so I didn't save it.  Clearly, you'll need to let the bottles dry.  This is a good time to do said caffeine induced cleaning spree or have a sweet tea vodka cocktail.

As the bottles were drying and after my sweet tea vodka cocktail, I made the labels.  I just used full-page shipping labels and found a Tru Blood image.  All the labels will need to be cut out by hand...make yourself another sweet tea vodka cocktail and find your best scissors.

Add cut out labels to dry bottles and bingo, you have Tru Blood bottles.  Celebratory sweet tea vodka cocktails for everyone!

Next, you make your Tru Blood drinks.  AB+ is on the left and O- is on the right.  I used a sharpie to write the blood/drink type on the back of the bottle.

And now you have a fridge full of Tru Bloods and one poor gallon of milk stuffed in the back!  Yay you!  Make yourself a sweet tea vodka cocktail or just have a Tru Blood!

The Universal Donor Tru Blood

Cherry Infused Vodka
Cranberry Juice
Lime juice

Mix ingredients to your liking.  For twelve bottles of Tru Blood I used two 750ml bottles of vodka.  That was probably a bit excessive.  I’ll let you know how I feel tomorrow and if I actually remember the party.  I just mixed up a large batch and then used a funnel to fill each bottle.

The Universal Recipient Tru Blood

Zing Zang Blood Mary Mix

Mix to your liking…once again for 12 bottles I used two 750ml bottles of vodka.  Excessive again, I know.  I just used a funnel to put the desired amount of vodka in each bottle and then filled the rest with zing zang.  For twelve bottles I used 3 large zing zang containers.

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