Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Jerry Sandusky - "True" History Tuesday

It would be a dream come true to report on “True” History Tuesday that people accused of doing what Jerry Sandusky is accused of doing don’t exist.   Sadly, they do.  Reading the Grand Jury’s Report on Sandusky is a horrifying endeavor.  The report demonstrates classic pedophilic behavior; an adult who gravitates toward troubled kids, gains their trust, gives them gifts and then makes them their victims.  The denial and complacency of some of the people around Sandusky is disturbing at best.  I feel no remorse for Joe Paterno getting fired.  If his legacy is a warning to others who do nothing, than that is a something way more important than football.  He did some amazing and generous things during his long tenure at Penn State, but not taking decisive action when presented with information about the rape of a 10 year old boy is morally wrong.  There was a small chance that this boy could have regained some trust in society, but it was just a case of another adult who let him down by doing nothing to protect him. I wish this “true” history report could have been that Sandusky had been stopped earlier, or that these terrible events never happened, or that the circle of molestation had not started with Sandusky probably being molested himself, but sadly this history will likely prove to be an awful truth.


  1. This makes me so angry. I cannot believe he actually gave an interview and admitted to doing some of what he is accused of and denying he molested those boys. Give me a break. This is heartbreaking on so many levels and it is scary too. How many people come into our kids lives that we trust or thought we could trust. My children are grown and I have grands now. Even in church kids aren't safe anymore and that is the most frightening thing.

  2. Truly terrible. The was mortified reading the grand jury report and watching the Bob Costas interview with Sandusky.