Monday, November 21, 2011

Stuffing Muffins and Thanksgiving Craft

Our early Thanksgiving meal yesterday was amazing.  I go very simple for the turkey.  Loads of butter (on skin and as much as you can get under the skin), season with Emeril’s Original Essence and baste often.  I think when preparing your turkey it is also vital to put your hand up its butt and do a Julia Child ventriloquist routine.  I also think making a few lesbian turkey baster jokes while basting the turkey is mandatory. 

I did something new this year.  I cooked my stuffing in muffin pans.  I highly recommend it.  The stuffing was perfectly crunchy on the outside and moist on the inside.  All you do is make your favorite stuffing as usual and then spoon it in muffin pans and cook at 350 degrees for about 30 minutes.  Good stuff. 

The last time I taught Thanksgiving week camps (2 years ago); I made these hats with the kids.  It was pretty fun and the kids really enjoyed wearing them.  This is something to do while your turkey cooks.  

First hats I made at my desk.

Campers with their finished hats.

Pilgrim hat for boys  (
What You’ll Need:
10”x13” black construction paper
9”x12” gray construction paper
Pen or pencil
Scissors glue
Large black paper plate (only if you want to stronger brim to your hat)

How to Make It:
Cut an oval out of the black construction paper the full size of the paper.  Cut a strip of paper to make a band to put around the boy’s head, tape it.  Put that circle (slightly oval) on the paper to trace the inner circle.  Then draw a circle around it.  Leave about a 2” brim on 3 sides and about 4” on the “front”.  (I just cut the center out of the black paper plate to make my brim.)  Next, draw the trapezoid, and cut out the gray parts. (see diagram)  Cut out a band and buckle out of gray paper (can use white).  Glue the hat band on the hat and then the buckle on top of the band.  Bend the hat piece up and try it on.  You may need to adjust the opening to fit.  On the underneath side, apply tape to the two points where the hat bends. 

Bonnet for girls  (

What You Need:
10”x13” piece of white construction paper
Tape or a stapler

How to Make It:
Take paper and cut like the above picture.  Then fold the edge without the cuts 2 inches.  Next fold the side with the cut.  Fold the middle piece down and bring the sides to the middle.  Staple at the top and bottom or run a piece of tape up the back.  Tape or staple a piece of ribbon underneath the fold on the front on each side, making ties.


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