Thursday, November 10, 2011

My Mom's Mole

I talked with my mom yesterday.  She let me know that she had a mole biopsied a few weeks ago.  I already knew that she had something done because when we were in Oklahoma for the OU vs. Texas Tech disaster, I noticed something on the side of her face.  It was relatively small; however, she had applied seven pounds of the wrong skin tone colored concealer over the biopsy spot.  On top of the concealer, she had then applied powder…lots of powder.  Her attempt to conceal the mole made it visible to NASA’s global positioning satellites.

Talking to her yesterday, she told me that the mole was benign, but needed to be removed.  She has convinced herself that the doctor is going to burn all the hair off her head.  I explained that the removal was actually done with liquid nitrogen and that it would be frozen and then removed.  She didn’t buy my explanation.  She has imagined a large fire blowing laser that will not pinpoint the mole, but instead blow a giant ball of flames on her hair and her mind will not let her see the treatment as anything but that.  I finally gave up and just told her she had a nice shaped head so she’d look good bald.  She didn’t laugh.

During our conversation, I picked up a few more Amyisms.  Other Amyisms can be found by clicking here and here.

Mozzarella – Muzzarellow

Pneumonia – Jewmoanya

Amy quote - “The earthquake even shook my pansies!”


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  2. If only I could convince my mother of that fact. Haha.