Thursday, June 30, 2011

Adventures in Painting

Every few years, I get overcome with a desire to paint.  It is always a pain in the butt, but ultimately worth the trouble.  I’ve looked at colors, worried over the selections and finally made a decision.  I repainted the ceiling first which is the most horrible thing to paint, in my opinion.  It needs another coat and I’m not sure I really like the color.  I’ll worry about it later.  The ceiling painting yesterday taught me two things:  turn off your ceiling fan and my dog, Saphie, hates plastic drop clothes.  First, I was doing some repairs on the ceiling and thought I should turn off the ceiling fan.  Of course, I didn’t and got too close and got knocked in the head.  Second, Saphie does not like change or anything “weird” to touch her feet.  When we retiled the bathroom floor, she did not step on the new tile for two years.  I put plastic drop cloths everywhere before painting the ceiling.  She paced and danced around in the hallway.  She had this terrible look of worry on her face.  To take her out to potty, I had to clear a path and move the plastic.  She would hunker down and crawl slowly to the door.  In her mind, she had to be vigilant or the plastic would grab her.  This morning, I started painting the walls.  I’m taking a lunch and blog writing break now, but my living room has gone from beige and dark blue to grey.  You can’t really tell much from pictures, but you can see the ceiling fan, plastic drop clothes and look of fear in Saphie’s eyes.
I primed over the dark blue during Hoarders and Intervention on Monday.

I had removed the plastic so Saphie could sit on the couch.

new grey!

Plastic is on the couch...Saphie is nowhere to be seen.

Gray walls and plastic off the chairs.  Saphie is better, but still upset.

Fear the plastic sheeting!

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