Monday, June 20, 2011

Painting the Living Room

I get painting urges every now and again.  I was struck with one recently.  I want to re-paint the living room.  It has been several years and in my mind, it is time for a new color.  When I was twenty, I worked part-time as a house painter.  I worked with the weirdest people I’ve ever worked with there…and for the record, I’ve worked with lots of weirdos, so that is really saying something.  My boss normally hired ex-convicts who had been let out and put in a half-way house.  He liked the cheap labor.  So there I was, a sophomore in college who was also cheap labor, working with ex-cons.  They were actually really nice and I was never in any danger…I’m pretty sure I was like the ex-convict mascot.  At any rate, I was painting one day and one of the guys named, Rodney told me about this dream he had.  Rodney was like 7 feet tall.  He sort of looked and acted like Andre the Giant in The Princess Bride.  He also never used soap. He said he dreamt that his mother was miniature with fangs and that she had crawled up his leg and screamed in his ear.  Now, I’m no expert, but I’d say he had some mommy issues.  The lead painter, liked to shut all the doors, close all the windows and turn up the heat when we were painting with oil-based paint. You could actually hear brain cells popping in your head.  It was a crazy job, but I needed the money to pay rent.  I have lots of good stories from that job and I learned how to paint.  Which now brings us back to painting my living room.  I picked up some paint samples yesterday.  One was from Behr Paint and the color choices are from their Trends collection.  Like the weirdos I used to paint with, this collection as some of the oddest paint names ever.  I’m thinking there was some closed door, high heat, oil-based paint meetings that generated these names.  Obviously, this will be the collection from which I will pick my new living room color.

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