Thursday, June 16, 2011

Rompers and Paula Deen

Anthony Weiner, Arnold Schwarzenegger and John Edwards walk into a bar to meet Tiger Woods…that’s all I got. 

I was watching television this morning and a model came out wearing a velour romper.  This is apparently the latest thing now.  I remember rompers being all the craze when I was in preschool.  I’m pretty sure of two things:  I will never wear velour and I, sure as shit, will not be wearing a romper.  One would think, I would then include a disclaimer about these rules in the event of an old school roller skating session, but alas, no because instead of velour I would wear satin and instead of romper I would wear daisey dukes.
That's my dog Celie.  That is what she looked like while I typed that last paragraph.

Paula Deen was in Birmingham this morning.  She was here with Al Roker to give away over 1.7 million dollars worth of stuff to the Community Kitchens of Birmingham.  It was really amazing to see and such a great thing for a good organization.  I did want to include, because it wasn’t stated in the program, that Paula Deen actually arrived in Birmingham like this.

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