Saturday, June 18, 2011

I Spy

I’m super excited about seeing Super 8 today.  I used two supers in that sentence.  I’ll change it to this:  I’m supa excited about seeing Super 8.  I think that just reads better and puts a nice emphasis on how excited I am. 
I got my hair did last night by my good friend, Colt.  I love it and he is the best ever.  Let me change that though to evah…he is the best evah.  Better emphasis.  You should go see him at GeGe’s Salon.  You won’t be sorry.
I have a game for you kind of like Where’s Waldo only this is where is the chicken and where is the dog.  The first picture is obviously of a chicken.  The next picture is of me after a walk (walking with the dogs can be stressful...I often need a cocktail) and my dog Celie.  Ok, Go…find the chicken and dog!

I know that is pretty hard.  Here is the key.  I'm not about leaving people not feeling successful in a game.  Holler.  Or better would be Holla!  Better emphasis.

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