Thursday, June 2, 2011

Dog Hair and Heat

Thick, short coarse hair...mostly found hugging baseboards.

Coarse and wiry...the hair also appears to be water and murphy's oil soap repellent.

Short and tough needle-like hairs...she'll look cute and act like they didn't come from her when you get stuck by one.

Fluffy haired fiend...hairs found floating everywhere around the house.  Culprit of the hair balls that resemble large tumbleweeds.

As I’m sitting here typing on my laptop, I can’t help but notice the nice layer of dog hair on my coffee table.  This is what happens if I don’t dust every day.  One thought I have is to just completely shave the dogs, but the thought of the drama that would cause puts that idea out of my head immediately.  I also thought about wrapping double-sided sticky tape around all the dogs.   I figured this would not only catch their hair, but the hair from the other dogs, too.  Of course, then I consider the drama that would result from the tape removing process. It is just going to be a never-ending cycle.  I just have to deal with it and dust.  Or…I could tape the dogs up as planned, eliminate the tape removal process by just adding new tape to the old tape and also tape a swiffer duster to each of their heads.  They’d look cute and mythical like a unicorn and they would serve a utilitarian purpose other than warming the furniture before I sit down and tripping me on the way to the bathroom.  This has potential.  I might patent this before somebody steals the idea.  I feel smart right now. 

It is hot as all get out here.  It feels like August…in hell.  You should never be able to actually see humidity, but there it is.  This is naturally making the dogs lose their hair even more.  It is a combination of heat and hair and I’m not liking it very much.  This is the map they used on the news to show the temperature.  I thought giving it that nice orange-red fire looking appearance was a nice touch.  It was the media’s way of saying, “sweet Lord, it is hot as hell out there.”  All this heat and hair makes me want to take a nap…which is what I think I will go do right now.

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