Thursday, December 22, 2011

Annoyed and Gay

I’ve never had a very good poker face (yes, you can sing Lady Gaga right here).  If I’m annoyed, you can usually tell.  My face even looks annoyed when I’m not annoyed.  My resting face is just an annoyed looking face.  What can you do?  I have a picture that perfectly illustrates this fact.  This was taken Christmas 1978.  As you can see, I have on my annoyed resting face.  My sister, as usual, has on her smiling face.  Her resting face is also a smiling face.  There is a very good chance I was, in fact, annoyed and there is also a very good chance my sister was, in fact, happy.  Or…we weren’t either. 

Earlier this year, I used this picture as the basis for a post for the Born This Way Blog.  The blog uses pictures with stories to illustrate how, even as kids, all us homos looked gay as hell.  Basically, proving that we were born this way (yes, you can sing Lady Gaga again).  It is a really great blog and I’m super proud to have a post there.  Click here to read.  At any rate, if there was any doubt I’m a lesbian…please refer to this picture.  All I need is a wallet chain and Melissa Etheridge CD in one hand and a long neck beer in the other to complete the ensemble. 

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