Monday, December 26, 2011

Drunk Santa and Magnetic Silly Putty

I spent the morning doing some general house-keeping things to my blog.  One of the things I hope you will appreciate is I properly labeled my entries.  After doing this, I added a gadget to the right showing you the labels.  This should help if you are looking for something specific.  If I annoyed myself trying to find a past recipe entry, it must have been really irritating for you.  Check it out!

I still can’t believe Christmas was yesterday.  Time flies and so does Santa in his sleigh.  Even Santa needs to celebrate getting the job done.  Here is some footage of him leaving his celebratory job well-done party.  

Magnetic Silly Putty (

Silly Putty
Ferric Iron Oxide Powder (artist supply stores or online)
Neodymium Magnet
Paper or Paper Plate

What To Do:
Open the silly putty and remove from the container.  Work the putty in your hands a little to warm it up, then stretch it out like a sheet and lay it on a sheet of paper or paper plate.  Carefully spoon about a tablespoon of iron oxide into the center of the putty and gently fold the edges of the putty into the center and work the powder into the putty.  Go slow, the powder produces a lot of dust.  After a minute or so of massaging the putty will loose its color and begin to look black.  Keep massaging for about 3 to 4 minutes.

You can also save yourself the mess and trouble by ordering the putty already prepared.  Click here to do that

Either way – here are the results.

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