Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Today is the One Year Anniversary of My Blog

I made myself a promise on this day last year.  The promise was to start a blog and have one entry a day for one year.  And now here we are…365 consecutive entries.  A lot has happened this year and I’m a much happier person from the one who wrote this last year (click here for first entry).  No longer do I feel defined by being laid-off.  I’ll always cherish the memories and friends I made at my former job, but life continues.  I like where my life is headed, and where it has been. 

Thank you for sharing the last year with me.  I hope I made you laugh.  I hope the food and cocktail recipes made you want to cook and drink…preferably at the same time.  I gained strength and comfort by knowing I had a place to express myself.  I hope you’ll want to keep reading next year.  I plan to keep cooking, cleaning, drinking, laughing and writing.  Cheers to the next 365 entries.