Saturday, December 10, 2011

Steven Seagal: Lawman

You know what I like?   A self-inflated, know-it-all, overly-serious douche bag!  I mean, who doesn’t?!?!  This is probably the reason I like Steven Segal:  Lawman, so much.  Tiffany and I laugh and laugh and laugh when we watch it.  Funny thing…it isn’t supposed to be funny.  This makes it even funnier.  We imitate him...a lot.  We can be at the store and we will (with husky, slow voice) call each other Johnny.  We have looks we call Seagal vision.  We state the absolute most obvious thing possible with authority. We talk about martial arts and how we utilize it in our everyday life.  We show up and act like we had something to do with a major arrest, when we really didn’t.  Are we alone in doing this?  I think not.  I think there are others.  I think they watch this show.  I think they imitate, too.  We should form a club.  We should have watch parties.  Mark your calendars, people – January 4.  The “lawman” returns.  January 4, Johnny…January 4.  You have not respect for the ancient art of martial art if you don’t watch this show.

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