Saturday, January 7, 2012

Naked Bird

Occasionally, I let the birds (Murphy and Melvin) run around on our bed.  Murphy is slightly neurotic and has plucked out nearly all his feathers.  I think he is adorable and proof that dinosaurs were actually birds.  Melvin mostly tolerates Murphy and thinks of him as his baby.  You’ll notice Melvin perched himself on the blanket like a nest.  Murphy adores Melvin and follows him around and tries to pluck him.  In addition to being neurotic, Murphy is also co-dependent.  Sometimes Melvin takes off to fly and Murphy tries to follow him.  Because Murphy doesn’t have feathers, he falls like a stone.  The dogs chase Melvin and try to eat him.  They could easily catch Murphy while on the floor.  None of the dogs ever touch Murphy.  They seem scared of his nakedness.   I wish I had bionic sound effects for Murphy.  Did I mention I adore him?
Murphy isn’t yellow, but he is naked.  You should try this aptly named cocktail.  Enjoy

Naked Yellow Bird

1 part vodka
1 part raspberry liqueur (raspberry is a fun word to say)
1 part Blue Curacao liqueur
1 part sweet and sour mix

Mix equal parts over ice.  Shake, strain and serve.

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