Monday, January 2, 2012

Poop Pouch and Science Activity

Several bullet points about this product:

*  If I put this on my dogs they would never move forward.  They would only move in a circle trying to remove it.

*  My dogs are already crazy enough…why would I want to add to their insanity and overall embarrassment at the dog park by strapping a bag to their ass?

*  How is putting this on your dog easier than just taking a bag and picking up the poop?  

Water Molecules on the Move

What You’ll Need:
A clear glass filled with hot water
A clear glass filled with cold water
Food coloring
An eye dropper (or use plastic food coloring bottles that allow one drop at a time)

What You Do:
Fill the glasses with the same amount of water, one cold and one hot.  Put one drop of food coloring into both glasses as quickly as possible.  Watch what happens to the food coloring.

What’s Happening?
If you watch closely you will notice that the food coloring spreads faster throughout the hot water than in the cold.  The molecules in the hot water move at a faster rate, spreading the food coloring faster than the cold water molecules which move slower.

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