Monday, January 23, 2012

Tornadoes and an Easy-to-Make Periscope

We had yet another round of tornado devastation last night.  Such sad news.  The dogs and I were up for several hours hunkering down.  It you’ve ever tried to hunker down with four dogs, you know, it is not easy.  One of them, Harpo (of course), thought barking at the walls would help.  Anyway, we got through it with no damage.  More bad weather is expected mid-week.  Great.  Today, however, is beautiful.  The temperature is 70 degrees.  This makes me think that it is time to clean up the garden and get ready for some pre-spring planting.  I haven’t decided what crops, but I’ll keep you posted.  I am also attempting to design a sort of greenhouse to keep the critters away.  I will keep you posted on that project, too.

I found this periscope design the other day.  I mostly like it so much because of the kid’s shirt in the picture.  This is one I am definitely trying out with my after school kids.  See what you think.

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