Tuesday, January 10, 2012

“True” History Tuesday – The Invention of Truck Nutz

Truck Nutz are the ridiculous bull’s balls that you see hanging from the back of trucks.  The Nutz were invented by Richard “Dick” Smalley.  Dick Smalley felt that his super-sized, giant, gas guzzling truck simply didn’t make enough of a statement.  He went to Over Compensators ‘R’ Us, but sadly nothing seemed to fit the truck accessory category he wanted.  He left the store and, in despair, went to sit in a field of cows.  Suddenly, on the horizon at the top of a mound of bullshit, he saw an enormous bull.  The bull’s balls were gigantic and accentuated  the beautiful sunset in the background.  At that moment, Dick Smalley knew exactly what his truck needed…balls.  He immediately went home and constructed his testicles.  He hung them from his truck in triumph.   Over Compensators ‘R’ Us bought his idea and begin selling Dick Smalley’s balls.  The rest is history.

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