Thursday, March 22, 2012

Damn Karma

I did all sorts of stupid shit when I was a kid.  It is funny how karma always comes around and bites you in the ass.  In 10th grade, we had a substitute teacher when we did fetal pig dissections (why the hell a teacher would ever submit a substitute teacher to that is beyond me).  Fetal pigs ended up all over the school.  It became fetal pig prank day.  I ended up throwing mine out the second story window.  Stupid.  Then later, I was a substitute teacher and scheduled on crawfish dissection day.  Crawfish ended up everywhere.  Served me right.

I've always been a clown, albeit a shy clown until I got publicly obnoxious starting in 5th grade. I should point out by clown, I don’t mean the creepy ones with painted faces that you find at the circus or birthday party.  Those types of clowns scare me.  I just mean, I was a cut-up.  So, invariably, in any class or camp I teach, I get an overabundance of clowns (again not the painted face ones because an overabundance of those would be found in a car and not a classroom).  I even watch these clown children do some of the very same things I did.  I can’t help but laugh at their craziness and then curse karma for being such an asshole.

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