Monday, March 26, 2012

Fake Vomit

I took my two girl dogs for a walk this morning.  We decided to have a girl’s morning out.  We walked around and peed on things (the dogs, not me…well there was that one time).  We thought about getting our nails done, but realized we didn’t have time so we headed back home.  I have a neighbor.  She’s nice, but crazy and will talk your ear off if she sees you.  She caught me tip-toeing by her house this morning.  She zoomed by in her car and forced me to stop by rolling down her window and screaming, “HEY DOG LADY!!” at me.  She jumped out of her car and proceeded to talk at a rapid fire pace about her cat killing her son’s hamster.  She then moved on to fleas and how her cat was a slut.  The conversation lasted 15 minutes and I maybe said two words.  Even my dogs, who are insane, were looking at her funny.  At any rate, I finally said, “we gotta go, the dogs need to wash their hair.” 

Something fun and gross to do with the kids is make fake vomit.  This is a nice rainy day activity.  Plus it is just fun to place your dried fake vomit all over the house or even take it to the grandparent’s house!  Give it a try.

Fake Vomit

What You’ll Need
A bowl
Elmer’s glue
A wooden craft stick or plastic spoon
A sponge
Food coloring (red, blue, green, yellow)
Wax paper

What You Do
Tear up part of your sponge (small chunks) and place in your bowl.  Pour glue over sponge chunks (enough to somewhat cover chunks).  Add a few drops of each color of food coloring.  Stir until color is completely mixed.  Tear off a sheet of wax paper and pour your sponge, glue and food coloring mixture on the wax paper.  Spread out some in a nice vomit shape.  Let dry for several days.  Once your vomit is completely dry, peel it from the wax paper.  If you desire, you can trim up the sides of your vomit with scissors.  Presto!  You have your very own fake vomit!

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