Sunday, March 18, 2012

Tiny Food Jewelry???

You really find some strange things on pinterest.  A few minutes ago I was looking up tomato recipes.  I LOVE tomatoes…I even wrote a poem about it.  As I’m happily perusing the tomato recipes, I suddenly come across this picture.

It caught my attention because...well...look the hell at it!!  I’m not really a girlie girl at all so fashion trends might easily pass me by, but are people really wearing tiny food on their fingers and calling it jewelry?  Did I miss something??  Perhaps Tiffany would appreciate this gift for our upcoming 17 year anniversary.  We did eat french fries on one of our first dates.

Maybe I should purchase this ring to wear to the bar.  I could just throw my finger up in the air when I need another beer.  

I do like nachos. I probably even love nachos. It would not be a bad idea to let everyone know I love nachos.  Having this ring would really save me the time and trouble of having to tell people of my love for the nacho. I could even wear this on my index finger and when I hold that finger up wouldn't it be like saying, NACHOS ARE #1.

Same thing with this ring...only change nachos to pancakes.... 

And last, but not least (by the way if you click here you can check out the tons and tons of floating food ring choices) this ring would show that I'm really cultured and exotic.  

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