Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Invention of Draw Something – “True” History Tuesday


The currently popular game Draw Something was actually invented in Egypt around 1500 BCE.  The Ancient Egyptians were all about hieroglyphics.  They drew on everything…walls, ceilings, floors, each other, their bald cats, etc.  This obsession with draw writing pushed the 18th Dynasty New Kingdom Pharaoh OMGPOPotep II to order the creation of a new app to be used on all the iPhones in his kingdom (the Android phones were used by the Greeks and Romans and didn’t arrive in Egypt until Marc Antony gave a Droid to Cleopatra on Easter 31 BC).  The app that was created was called Draw Something and everyone starting guessing and drawing.  Sadly the game was lost to the sands of time…until it resurfaced recently and is once again the latest game craze.


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