Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Marie Osmond Pissed Herself on Stage - True instead of “True” History Tuesday

Although this seems to be “true” instead of true, it is, in fact, true not “true.”  Apparently, Marie Osmond pissed herself on stage.  This happened on the final night of the Donny and Marie Cruisin’ with Friends tour (yes…there is a cruise called that).  During the March 2 show, an audience member asked a question that cracked Marie up and suddenly she peed her dress right there on stage.  She used that same dress to clean herself a bit and continue the show until a stage hand brought her paper towels.  Donnie was understandably agog, but said, “We promised you an experience.  You got it!”  Perhaps he should have put down a puppy piddle pad when he sang Puppy Love. Reading this I was immediately reminded of Jack Palance on Ripley’s Believe it or Not.  *insert heavy breathing and Jack Palance saying “believe it or not.”

Thinking of Jack Palance made me do some You Tube research.  I find this video.  Check out the lady and the turtle.  OMG!!??

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