Thursday, March 8, 2012

Turning A Year Older

I suppose I should be freaked out by turning another year older, but I’m really not…at least not yet.  I can’t really say I’m in the camp of “you’re only as old as you feel,” because I sometimes feel like an 85 year old.  So, I’ll claim the “you’re only as old as you act” group.  This mentally puts me around 13.  Using the process of finding the derivative one should divide by my actual age, carry the one and graph the differentiation…loosely speaking this puts my new age at 27.5. 

As I turn nearly 28, I find myself happy with my life.  I’ll be having a party today with the afterschool kids, eating dinner with friends, spending the weekend in Louisville (touring the Waverly Hills Sanitorium – click here to see my original post about it) and then later in March having a MommieDearest watch party/crawfish boil party.  Nothing but good times with good people and cake and cocktails and NO WIRE HANGERS!  Happy Birthday to me!!