Thursday, May 19, 2011

Losing 14 Pounds

So far, on my nearly 4 weeks of “non-dieting,” I’ve lost 14 pounds.  I’m happy about that.  I hope to never see those pounds again.  Most of the pounds were gained after getting laid off.  I’m not making excuses, I shouldn’t have gained weight, but honestly such close proximity to the fridge 24 hours a day for six months is dangerous.  It isn’t like I haven’t screwed up on my non-diet during the month, but I had consequences for it.  So, I’m not thinking of it as screwing up, I’m thinking of it has just being accountable for what I eat.  I can eat certain things as long as I accommodate for it and get my ass to the gym or go for a longer walk. 

I feel like once I lose 15 pounds, I will celebrate.  The celebration plan will include Tiffany’s birthday, a crawfish boil,  a pitcher of Hurricanes, good times with great friends and the Rapture.  In short, I need to lose that next pound before Saturday.  Those 15 pounds are symbolic, to me…symbolic of getting past a major bump (insert fat joke here) in the road.  I feel better, I look better and I’m happier.  Not happier because I’m thinner, but happier because I feel more in control of my life.  That’s a good feeling and I’ll take it.

A look at what 15 pounds looks like:

This disgusting looking hamburger

A large domestic cat

Possible 3 month birth weight of Schwarzenegger love child

15 pound dumbbell

Three 5 pound bags of sugar

15 one pound sticks of butter (Paula Deen not included)

15 guinea pigs

10 dozen large eggs

3 average-sized Chihuahuas


  1. CONGRATS on the very soon to be 15 pounds!!!!! I love the visuals. :D You ROCK.