Saturday, May 14, 2011

Some People Should Not Dress Up as Star Wars Characters

We all have these images of ourselves that are slightly different than reality.  Reality will often smack you in the face when you look in the mirror or someone takes a casual snapshot of you eating hot wings and then tags you on Facebook.  That’s when you think, “damn, I need to lose a few pounds or shit, I need to always quickly tilt my head to the left and look quizzically toward the sky when someone pulls out their camera, because I looked really good when I did that in my 1984 glamour shot.”  It is just human nature.  We all imagine ourselves looking different.
This sort of thinking is really skewed when it involves costuming of any kind.  We really want to look exactly like the person we are imitating.  Some of us can actually pull it off…but the majority of us have no business even trying it.  As much as I want to look just like Han Solo or Princess Leia in the slave girl costume, I know I should stick with dressing up as R2D2.  I have the round shape in the middle to make it work, although not being a midget could work against me.  Below are some folks who clearly love Star Wars, but should maybe not dress up as their favorite characters.

I actually like this guy.  He seems fun to sit with during happy hour.

I actually really like this guy, too.  I may need to make that costume.

Luke Skywalker mostly gets on my nerves.  This guy's costume isn't bad, but he creeps me out.  He looks like a gay who has gone to one of those religious reconditioning camps.

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