Monday, May 23, 2011

Retro Laundry

Today is laundry day, time to get caught up on these dirty clothes.  Have you ever noticed in laundry detergent commercials from the sixties and seventies people were severely accident prone?  It wasn’t like you were going to get a small stain on the front of your shirt…no you’d drop an entire can of blueberry pie filling, just before sliding into home base on your stomach and then cutting your neck open causing blood to seep into the blueberry/dirt stain.  Plus ring around the collar was like the bubonic plague of the 1970s…only without all the death. 

I found three retro commercials to illustrate my point about the serious stain problems of earlier decades.  In the first commercial, I think the gentleman should worry more about that awful hat instead of the stain on his shirt.  This commercial also shows that stains were so large at that time that they actually had their own shadows. In the second commercial, if Tiffany did that while watching a sporting event, I might kill her.  Not even drunk off my ass, have I ever unintentionally thrown a plate of food up in the air?  Its food for God’s sake!  Watching that also makes me glad I have dogs…that would be cleaned up in seconds by the stampede of four always hungry dogs.  The last commercial illustrates the ring around the collar dilemma.  Plus watching a woman’s slip into insanity is just fun to watch.

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