Saturday, May 28, 2011

Lysol Clean-Flip Sweeper and Spelunking

I saw this commercial the other night.  I sprang up from the recliner causing two dogs to fly up off my lap.  This naturally inspired all four dogs to start barking and running around in circles.  I don’t spring out of the recliner too often.  They were on point for whatever might be happening.  Floor cleaning is a big part of my world.  It is a never ending cycle of dog hair sweeping, mopping, swiffering, vacuuming, etc.  I have all the best stuff for the floor…in fact, I have all the stuff ever created for floor care.  It takes a lot to get my attention.  I feel like I am an expert in this area.  But seeing this Lysol Clean-Flip Sweeper in action on the commercial was very exciting.  It flips up to clean the baseboards for Christ sake!  Naturally, I got one immediately.  I’m taking it for a test run later today.  I’m very excited.

Last night I had a strange dream about spelunking.  It isn’t like I actually go caving or anything.  Dreams can be so weird.  Anyway, I find myself walking into this large smelly cave.  The walls were really sticky and appeared to be oozing.  Thankfully, I had a flashlight.  I kept noticing all these people walking in and out of the cave, too.  They looked dazed, confused and in a hurry to leave.  They were all carrying snacks.
I also saw bats everywhere.  It made me regret not bringing watermelon.  Have you seen fruit bats eating watermelon at the zoo?  They are actually pretty cute.  These bats weren’t cute.  They looked diseased.  Did I mention it really smelled bad? (Sidebar – often dreams with bad smells are actually the result of one of the dogs having bad gas – end of sidebar)  In the dream, I had to keep going.  I carefully got deeper in the cave and finally found what I was looking for…a vending machine.  It was the cheapest vending machine this side of 1974.  You could get sodas and snacks for 10 cents each.  What a deal!  No wonder so many people were going in the cave.  I ran out with my cheap snacks.  I decided never to go back…cheap snacks are not worth going into a disgusting cave. 
Weird, huh?  I checked out a dream interpretation website and this is what it said about dreaming of spelunking:  “Caves are not fully understood in dreams. They may stand for some deep hidden link. But they tend to be strongly associated with meditation, deep mind exploration, unusual sleep phenoma and dreams. So look for links to premonitions and unusual strange feelings.”  Gee thanks…that was a bunch of words to tell me absolutely nothing.  I think the dream just means I want some cheap cheetos.  I’ve been craving them for awhile.  My dreams tend to have everything to do with food and canine gas.  Ok to flip clean my floors!!!!

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  1. For the record, not all that impressed with Lysol Flip Sweeper after trying it out.