Monday, April 16, 2012

Confetti Bomb

I just bought a new book light.  One of my dogs is terrified of it.  I turn it on and the look of fear on her face is ridiculous.  Naturally, we sometimes just turn it on for fun.  Not that we want to terrify Saphie, but sometimes you just can’t help yourself.  I also found this video earlier today and, of course, checked one of my new favorite tumblr sites, Texts from Dog. Dogs can be so odd.  

Here’s a fun activity for kids and their adult.  It will involve some clean up after, but worth the effort.

Confetti Bomb

What You’ll Need
Adult supervision
35 mm white film canister (ask a clerk at the pharmacy photo lab for one)
Confetti (craft stores or hole punch leftovers)
*Can of compressed air computer duster

* I will never think of computer duster without thinking of this:

What You’ll Do
This part is simple – just turn the can of air upside down, and then spray a little of the liquid inside the canister.  WARNING The liquid inside is extremely cold and extremely flammable.  Caution in advised, especially when dealing with something that can both cause frostbite and severe burns.

Once the liquid is inside, quickly dump as much confetti inside as you can, without getting any in the way of the lid.  (If the lid cannot close tightly, the pressure will not be able to build.)  Finally, close the lid tightly, set it lid down and back up.  It will take about 10 seconds or so for it to explode open.

This is really more impressive with sound, but you get the idea.

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