Monday, April 23, 2012

Leaving the Beach and Wine Cork Crafts

I drink a lot of wine.  This leaves me with a lot of corks.  I have a few activities I’ve done with kids over the years to get rid of these corks, but also recycle them at the same time.  Have a glass of wine and ponder making these crafts yourself.

On another note, we are leaving the beach today.  We had an amazing time with our friends Melissa and Steve and their three year old son, Ben.  I learned a lot of new things from Ben.  I learned sharks eat vegetables and fruit and their favorite fruit is vegetables.  I learned that sharks hide from eagles and that lobsters live under water with cheese.  I also got Ben an inflatable robot head.  Most kids just nod and smile at my weird gifts and maybe play with them once or twice.  Ben wore his robot head for days.  We've all decided our beach trip should become an annual event! I also included a few more important pictures from our trip.

We went to the outlet mall on a rainy day.  I was soooo excited to find this and for $2.99.  I've looked for one for awhile.   It is an essential tool especially when baking.

There is something so relaxing about Orange Beach.  Perhaps it is the very strong Malibu Rum beach drinks coupled with the soothing sounds of the Gulf of Mexico.

I saw these napkins in the gift shop at Lulu's...such truth.

Cork Boats

What You’ll Need
Hot glue gun
Craft foam
Small eye screws


Cork Snake
What You’ll Need
Corks (14 to 20 – you can cut them to the sizes you want)
Strong string
Large mending needle
Paint or markers
Knife to cut corks

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