Tuesday, April 3, 2012

French Toast – “True” History Tuesday


Everyone knows that French Toast is basically just bread (usually a bit stale) soaked in eggs and then fried, but did you know it isn’t actually from France and isn’t actually made from toast?  French Toast actually originated in Siam and was made from beef.  Chang and Eng Bunker (Siamese twins from P.T. Barnum fame) actually invented the dish.  The two were fighting one day over dinner.  Chang wanted beef and Eng wanted fried eggs.  Chang ended up slapping Eng, which actually hurt Chang because they were conjoined.  With the inability of either twin to storm off in anger and slam a door, they compromised.  Chang dunked his beef in Eng’s egg bowl and then they fried the egg-soaked beef.  For fun, Eng added powdered sugar and syrup.  The dish was delicious and the twins decided to call it Beef Egg.  P.T. Barnum hated the idea and made some modifications.  He changed the beef to toast and renamed the recipe French Toast because using the word French made it sound like it came from France.  Everyone was happy.  Chang was so thrilled he grabbed a piece of cardboard and started to break dance.  This made Eng mad because they were conjoined.

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