Thursday, April 12, 2012

Draw Something and Instagram

I love my Android phone, but there is one thing I don’t like about it…I can’t do screen shots.  It is a slightly narcissistic, (but maybe slightly less narcissistic than having your own blog) but I really want to be able to take pictures of the rare moments when I draw really well on Draw Something.  I took a picture of one of my drawings the other day.  I had to go old skool (as old skool as you can get when using a digital camera to take a picture of something you did on an app on your Smartphone) and just use a camera to take a picture of my screen.  This was really inconvenient when it would be so much easier, for me with my busy schedule, if I could just push two buttons.  So...Android, see what you can do about making this happen. Kthanks.  BTW, here is my drawing.

Another thing that Android users were waiting for was Instagram.  The wait is over!  We now have it on Google Play.  This, of course, means that I’ll be sharing a more artistic array of photos.  We are stepping things up around here so please observe the usual art museum visitation rules while you're here.

Cujo and Saphie waiting for milkbones.

Harpo at a rare not in motion moment.

Celie judging me.

My mom throwing out some Amyisms over breakfast (brefust).

Tiffany drinking a margarita.

Me horsing around.

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