Thursday, April 5, 2012

Roses and My Mom

I planted a rose garden not too long ago.  I divorced roses years ago because they got all diseased plus the thorns are just scary.  I have an irrational fear of rose thorns and cacti.  I know at any moment, I’m going to fall and get ripped to shreds.  It keeps me awake at night occasionally.  But I decided to meet my crazy head on and plant some roses.  They are already blooming and I have yet to fall and rip my flesh off on the thorns!  I’m hopeful that this project will turn out nicely.


I talked to my mom yesterday.  She got a wedding shower invitation in the mail.  She read it to me in detail four times.  She also mentioned (3 times) the opening of a new grocery store in town.  She told me that my dad was going to drive her by the store.  They were going to circle like sharks to see if they wanted to go in the store.  Once the reconnaissance mission was completed, mom planned to call all her friends and report back to them her thoughts about this new store.  I hung up the phone satisfied that mom and dad had a very busy day planned.

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