Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The “True” History of the Peep


The popular Easter treat known as a Peep was created in the early 1950’s.  Olag P. Twinkie was a chicken farmer who was looking for a possible way to make money from his chick’s droppings.  Chickens efficiently poop and pee at the same time and Olag knew there must be a way repurpose the mixture into something people would buy.

He tried many different things, but finally settled on mixing the pee/poop with marshmallow and corn syrup.  The addition of the pee/poop allowed the mixture to be formed into shapes. Naturally, Olag opted to shape them into chicks.  He decided to name this new candy PeePoops.  Sadly, no one would even try the PeePoops.  Olag went into a deep melancholy.  Finally, after months of depression, Olag was hit with another idea.  He got up, cleaned the filth surrounding his bed and decided to change the name of his new candy.  He repackaged all his marshmallow candies with a new name, Peeps.  The rest is history.

Incidentally, Olag P. Twinkie also created Chick Pee Soup.

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