Monday, April 9, 2012

Plastic Easter Egg Craft and a Freaking Furby

Do you remember the Furby?  I had to draw one last night on Draw Something.  This brought back memories of my Furby.  I don’t remember the bastard’s name though.  I, along with thousands of children, got suckered into the Furby craze.  I, however, was not a child…I was 29.  I took the thing to work with me so I could properly take care of it.  It was cute for a day or so and then it was really annoying and needy.  When I ignored it enough that I thought it had died, I put it in our trunk we kept at the end of the bed and forgot about it.  Tiffany and I were asleep several months later when we heard, “Feed me.  Haha,” followed by continued gibberish.  We woke up in terror.  We whispered to each other, “What was that?”  We began planning our line of attack because clearly a robber in your house in the middle of the night is going to be laughing and speaking furbish.  As we were crawling around the floor in attack-mode, looking for weaponry, Tiffany stood up and said, “It’s that god damn Furby!”  I stood up, opened the trunk and the bastard blinked and laughed.  We gave it to Goodwill the next day.

If your kids have emptied all the candy out of their Easter eggs or you’ve run into a clearance sale on plastic Easter eggs,  here is an easy craft you can do at home with a sharpie, some felt, pipe cleaners, tiny pom poms and hot glue.

Craft Source

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