Saturday, March 5, 2011

A Bad Case of PMS and the Dog Soap Opera Continues

There’s no doubting PMS is in full effect when you find yourself yelling at your printer and then your computer because it won’t print out a Maxwell House coffee coupon, especially when you really aren’t that partial to Maxwell House.  I mean it is good to the last drop and all, but it isn’t great or anything.  I could see if it were a Duncan Donuts coffee coupon…now that I’d throw a bitch-ass tantrum and/or pop a cap in someone’s ass over and I’d know PMS wasn’t a factor.

I did end up saving over $35 at the grocery this morning on my $95 bill.  To any rational, non PMSing individual that’d be really good.  But I’m still dwelling on that coffee coupon.  I found myself a few minutes ago giving the just purchased coffee the stink eye and then getting irritated with the dogs because they weren’t pissed at the coffee, too.  Then in the next second, I was upset thinking the coffee didn’t like me anymore.  It was just sitting there…being distant.  I needed a good coffee cry.  Then I was angry again.  It was probably the coffee that caused the coffee coupon not to print.  Hating. Seething. Crying. Paranoia. Coffee.
After all this emotional roller-coaster, I’m exhausted.  But on a brighter note, I did finish Volume 2 of the dog soap opera As the Tennis Ball Turns.  This episode is called Caged. 

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