Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Once in a Lifetime Workout

I think I have a new workout plan.  I really think this will be the routine that will dramatically transform my figure AND it will be fun!  I’m going to call this new fitness plan the Once in a Lifetime Workout.  I’m fairly certain it will soon become the latest craze, like Jazzercise or Zumba.  I mean just click on the video and watch!  Look at how much David Byrne is sweating…IMAGINE the calories being burned with each hand chop on your arm!  This can also be done in conjunction with other forms of exercise.  Just think of combining all the Once in a Lifetime gyrations with your time on the treadmill, on the elliptical or even in the pool!  Kick up your grocery shopping and do the Once in a Lifetime Workout as you move down each of the aisles or wait for your deli meat to be sliced.  Do the Once in a Lifetime Workout while you walk the dogs or in an important meeting with wealthy, important clients.  Transform jury duty into a caloric blaster!  Anytime, anywhere you can do this workout.  In your shotgun shack, in another part of the world, behind the wheel of a large automobile!  Am I right or am I wrong? Don’t make your workouts the same as they ever were.  Don’t be another talking head, be a doer and try something new, the Once in a Lifetime Workout!

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