Thursday, March 3, 2011

Leftovers + Wine = Laughing Baby

Yesterday I gave you a really good vegetarian tiger blood chili recipe plus the way to make gnarly potatoes.  Here's what to do with the leftovers.  You can make some tasty potato skins topped with chili, cheese and sour cream.  That’s what we did last night for dinner.  In fact, yesterday we basically spent about $50 for a full day of fun.  We didn’t actually make the movie; we opted for beers in the backyard.  We made a fire, watched the sunset and ate our potato skins. 

$20 for golf –we walked nine holes
$20 for lunch – this includes what we paid for the Living Social Deal (we got 2 BBQ platters and a bucket of beer)
$10 for a 12 pack of beer (and we still have six left.  WINNING!)
Free – people watching at Moe’s
Free – Sunset
Free – Fire
Free – leftovers

Yesterday was also pretty exciting because we received 15 bottles of wine!  The UPS man was struggling to get the box to the door.  Recently I ordered the 2011 Entertainment Book.  We received it and have already started using the coupons inside.  I also found an offer from Laithwaites Wine.  It is a wine club and you can start it with an introductory offer of 15 bottles of wine for $69.99.  Normally we spend $10 and up for a bottle of wine so the savings is pretty clear.  So far the experience has been good, which just includes ordering the all reds option online and receiving the wine.  We are going to let the bottles sit a few days to recover from shipping and then we’ll start tasting.  I’ll keep you posted on how this goes.  For now though looking at all the bottles on the table is just plain mesmerizing!  The wine cabinet we got at World Market has been used basically as storage for books and stuff since we usually only get a couple of bottles of wine at a time.  I cleaned it out though today.  This was also exciting.  It will almost be like going to our wine cellar to get a bottle…only it isn’t a cellar. 

If you haven’t seen this video yet it is worth a watch.  I tried ripping paper in front of Tiffany last night while we were by the fire (the paper BTW was free and we were recycling).  She didn’t really have the same reaction, but I felt it was worth a try. 

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