Saturday, March 19, 2011

Spring Cleaning, Graffiti and As The Tennis Ball Turns Volume 3

The last few days have been devoted to getting the yard ready for spring.  I decided it was time to repaint some of my patio furniture.  Obviously this required spray paint, cardboard and beer.  There was this odd thing about putting the furniture on the cardboard. (It was handy that we had purchased boxes for our move to Shreveport that didn’t happen. It was like we knew we’d eventually need cardboard.  We are clairvoyant…except then I guess we wouldn’t have purchased the boxes in the first place.  Well whatever…WINNING!  BTW Clairvoyant would be a good name for a daughter, if you are considering baby names right now.)  The odd thing was all four dogs felt compelled to pee on the cardboard.  Apparently, they felt the cardboard was their property and everyone including the wrought iron furniture should be aware of this.  At one point, Harpo even came up to pee on it while I was painting.  It was tempting for me to pee on it, as well, but I resisted.  I peed where God intended us to pee…in the neighbor’s flower bed. 

All the spray painting got me to thinking.  I should be a renegade graffiti artist.  My spray-painted artistry would always include a giraffe and a toffee muffin somewhere in the masterpiece.  It seems reasonable if you’re going to do something that is spelled with two fs than the outcome should also be something with two fs.  I wouldn’t be your average graffiti riffraff ruffian; I would appreciate the double use of the letter f.  I’d also paint in the buff. My art would be so popular that people would raffle off my works.  I’m not bluffing, it would have that effect.  Other graffiti artists would be baffled and in a kerfuffle.  They would shuffle off in a huff. Sniff. But you’d know my work wasn’t fluff.  Okay wow that was pretty stupid…sorry.  I hope I didn’t offend.  Too much coffee and taffy, maybe.

I discovered after I wrote this and went looking for a picture that there was a graffiti artist who painted giraffes!

Speaking of stupid…I finished another volume of the dog soap opera, As the Tennis Ball Turns!


  1. I like how you use the use of double ffs on a consistent basis, then happen to find a graffiti giraffe that's not spelled right. What is wrong with this world?

  2. Ha thanks! I just looked at your website. awesome.