Friday, January 7, 2011

Freaky Friday Favorites

I think I’ve mentioned I like a routine.   I also like to share, not things like needles, used condoms or marital partners you weirdo, but funny little things I see or find on the internettes.  I decided that one day a week I will devote to this sort of sharing.  This isn’t out of Friday laziness, but a desire to educate.  I used to be a teacher and you can’t just expunge such callings out of your system like an overdose of laxatives administered to an unsuspecting youth during a frat house hazing prank…no sir, it is a part of who you are.  I am blessed with a good eye for the odd, in fact, I’m drawn to it.  In addition, I have a natural ability and uncanny grace with a camera phone…it is almost like an additional appendage.  I also can sniff out (much like the diarrhea attack one of the dogs had this morning that woke me up) some really funny shit online.   Therefore think of Fridays from now on as a time of giving and sharing…a bit of joy for your eyes at the end of your long and arduous work week.  And please feel free to share, in the comment section, the things you find funny, too because nothing is funnier than something funny.

This is a personal favorite of mine that I took in the parking lot of my grocery store.  I love the hand-made craftiness of the sign, the attention to detail and the acknowledgment that we just have the one sin to worry about.


  1. Whew, only one sin. Thank goodness!

    But, which one? I wish he had specified.

  2. It's so great to come home from work on Friday and lmao! Thanks Jan!

  3. You're welcome Shereen and thanks for reading! Jill I'm still perplexed as to how someone so articulate as this gentlemen couldn't have been more specific.

  4. I love the huge car evangelism signs. As if that is really going to convert someone.

  5. You can just imagine him in his shed behind the house painting this sign. I just wish my pictures were as good as yours: