Saturday, January 15, 2011

Rejection Letter Crafts

One thing that the newly unemployed person realizes rather quickly is that the job market is in a bit of a slump.  Jobs are scarce and you should expect more than a few rejection letters.  It just goes with the territory during these brutal economic times.  You could let it get you down or you could cheer yourself up with some nifty craft projects!  Over my career teaching in science centers I’ve done lots and lots of projects with paper.  I’ve included some links below.  These are sites I’ve used in the past and found them very useful.  On a side note, I also discovered that when throwing together a nice dinner, theming helps to set the tone and give your meals a little extra pizzazz and flare.  Just think of a nice chicken dinner with little origami chickens at each place setting.   Imagine a snappy paper mache dragon as a centerpiece for your meal of homemade Peking Duck.  Picture tiny paper airplanes affixed whimsically with fish line to the chandelier in your dining room as an added bonus over your head while you eat your tasty meal of Creamy Southern Style Peanut Soup.  These projects can easily be made while you watch your soap operas…if I remember correctly in the workplace that was called multi-tasking.  Win Win!  So turn that frown upside down and craft those rejection letters into something better than self pity.


  1. Imma lovin your posts Jan and I love the creative ideas your comin up with!! Keep it up and keep us posted!!

  2. you MUST read the Amy Sedaris book Crafting for poor people-it's right up your alley! I believe writing is in your future Jan!!

  3. Oh my gosh I love Amy Sedaris! She cracks me up. Thanks for reading and I will follow your blog, too.