Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Killing Zits and Saving Money

My chin has had a busy day.  This morning I noticed a giant pimple there.  Thankfully, I got some solid advice regarding zits from a friend awhile back.  She said to put a dab of hand sanitizer on the pimple when you first notice it.  It actually works and works fast.  As I was putting some Purell on the mammoth zit another chin issue came to my attention. I found two witch hairs …TWO.  And to add insult to injury they were gray.  Naturally, I put the Purell down and tweezed the witch hairs immediately.  Just for good measure and to appease my OCD, I picked the Purrell back up and dabbed some where the hairs where, too. 

I also took some time today after a trip to the grocery to do a little simple math.  Besides counting witch hairs, I was curious about some money saving moves we've made since I lost my job.  After trading in my car and getting something a little nicer on our budget (Honda Fit) we’ll save about $200 a month.  This was the first time I walked out of a dealership and actually played the negotiating game to get the price I wanted.  Tiffany and I played good cop bad cop.  We were like Cagney and Lacey up in those dealerships. It was not only money saving, but also fun.  I also have gotten serious about coupons.  You’d be surprised at the savings, which for us is starting to add up to just over $200 a month.  Sure it takes some work, but it is worth it.  Below are a couple of my favorite links.  Good luck and May the Shopping Force Be With You.


  1. Hi there Jan, Sean C here. Love this a similar unexpected house husband, I thought I'd mention some of my fav coupon/freebie sites to add to your list: king/queen of the freebies is Goob at get tons of freebie every week there. Also, is another good one for coupons, as is Of course, you can't beat for all types of savings...largest forums on the net. Also, for more saving. I usually check all the above for something I'll looking to save on...before buying. Save hundreds!

    Keep up the funny really should be working as a writer somewhere...just saying.

  2. Hey Sean! Gurl we need to trade recipes, too! Thanks so much for reading and I am going to the sites you suggested right now.

  3. Jan you are welcome. We should although sad to say recipes/cooking are still not my thing unless it's involves the microwave ;) But saving money is! I really like Goob's humor on his/her daily freebies (I think you will too). Make sure to grab their RSS feed or get the daily emails so you don't have to physically go back to the site...ugh, now that would be hard work! ;) Let me know if you run into any better coupon/freebie sites...

  4. sorry, it's NOT Though I'm sure you figured it out.

  5. Oh wow I have been playing on the site for awhile. awesome. I also found this site

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