Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Qwiki and the Academy Awards

Well I just got completely sidetracked from cleaning.  I started playing with the new search engine of sorts Qwiki.  Qwiki touts itself as “the information experience.”  Which yes it is quite cool…however the electronic voice is slightly creepy.  But, I discovered, it is fun to click at appropriate times to turn regular words into cuss words.  As I was playing, I also noticed that the Academy Award nominations were announced.  I always love watching the Oscars in my gown sitting in my Hoveround Scooter.  We clear out the coffee table and recliners so I can joyfully spin around each time my high dollar gambling picks that I posted with my bookie earlier in the day pan out. 

I decided today, in honor, of the nominations I would wear a patch over my eye, stutter and walk around en pointe in a tutu having strange drug induced hallucinations.  Oh sure, you are thinking this will be easy within the confines of my house.  But I have a planned outing outside today.  We are going to sign the paperwork on my new car.  This will undoubtedly add an additional element of danger and bravado to the normally mundane experience of buying a car.  I think the reviews will be positive.  I imagine critics praising my subtle ability to play three characters at one time.  I can see the gushing letters arriving from Colin Firth, Natalie Portman and Jeff Bridges graciously approving of my restrained and clever performance.  Yes this will indeed by a good day.
Speaking of subtle performances, I included one of my favorites by Natalie Portman. 

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