Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I Need Chickens and Goats!

I appear to be completely caught up on my chores.  I cleaned the garage and organized the pantry a week ago.  The laundry is done.  I did the bathrooms and floors yesterday.   I can’t rake leaves because of the snow.  And I’ve already straightened up and cleaned the kitchen after our dinner party last night.  BTW I made taco soup Click Here for Recipe. (I did alter the recipe somewhat by using ground turkey instead of beef and for extra flavor I used diced tomatoes with green chilies plus one can of Rotel.)
Being this caught up on everything got me to thinking.  All this thinking, then lead me to a conclusion…I need three chickens and two goats.  Naturally, I immediately shared this thought with Tiffany.  The horrified look on her face, to me, was indicative of her joy and her anticipation at the prospect of adding five farm animals to our already large menagerie.  I mean seriously, I’ve realized some success tending to fake farms on the Facebooks, I watch The Fabulous Beekman Boys and I had a Fisher Price Little People barn when I was a kid.  I was born to tend to farmstead animals in my city dwelling! 

Honestly, what isn’t made better with cheese?  Especially cheese made from the milk squeezed from our goats, Ricky and Lucy. It isn’t like I don’t know that this can be accomplished with a cow instead of goats, but cows are supposed to live on a farm, duh?!  Plus goat’s milk is easier to digest and goat cheese is just better in your omelets then regular old cow’s milk.  Speaking of omelets, imagine the money we’d save with our chicken eggs!  Of course, we’d have to feed Jack, Chrissy and Janet the most expensive grains and treats known to man and obviously the screened in porch would need to be converted into a lush five-tiered chicken condo.  But who doesn’t have extra costs associated with your initial investment?  You have to spend money to make money, right?  Every year we could host a giant Easter egg hunt with fresh eggs generously provided by Chrissy and Janet.   The egg hunt, of course, would be free to all the underprivileged and touched children in our community.  Additional fun that day would include free goat rides atop Ricky and Lucy’s tiny bedazzled saddles and free dreamcatchers crafted from Jack, Chrissy and Janet's discarded feathers.  And forget about ever needing an alarm clock again because Jack’s delicate tenor voice would gently awaken us, as well as the entire neighborhood, every morning.  AND I didn’t even mention the best part yet? Ricky and Lucy can “mow” the yard with their busy little chewing mouths in the spring and summer and Jack, Chrissy and Janet can aerate the lawn with their scratching feet and picking little beaks in the fall.  I can’t seem to find a negative in this idea at all.  This being caught up business is really going to be good for our future!


  1. Nancy has experience with goats. Sounds like a great idea to me.


  2. Thanks Joe. Nancy needs to help convince Tiffany!